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Easter is a very special festival and we hope to help our First Nation Friends celebrate with us.  Many of you will remember Tabita, from Tsawout, who partnered with us for many years in Trinity Time activities.  Her sister, Stephanie, is carrying on her Ministry and sent the following note:  

I would normally prepare the Easter Treats (Bags) myself, but I would love to keep in touch with your fellowship and have the children receive this in honour and memory of Tabita Marks, who collaborated with Trinity Time and mentioned it often to the parents and their children”.  

We have 50 Easter baskets which we hope to fill with homemade cookies in small bags, Easter egg candy, cupcakes, and small treats with a greeting card from Holy Trinity or a very small toy or small package of crayons. We need ribbons etc. to make the baskets look attractive and all of your creative ideas to fill the baskets with special treats for the children.

We will have the baskets in the church hall & Stephanie will pick them up on April 11th. Please contact Thea if you are able to help with filling the baskets.