Do you have questions?
  • What is it like?  We welcome people from all faith traditions and those who have no faith tradition.  Diversity and inclusion are important parts of our faith.

  • Can my children attend?  It is a joy to welcome youngsters at all our services.  In place of Sunday School, we have a special children's bulletin with word puzzles and colouring pictures based on the morning's gospel, so families are able to worship together with the gathered community.

  • Where do I park?  We have a large parking lot with church hall.  A path through the graveyard leads to the church; the front door faces Mills Road, and someone is usually standing outside to greet you.  West Saanich Road also has limited parking.

  • What do I wear?  We are happy to see you in whatever is comfortable for you.

  • What happens during the service?  The service begins with a hymn and opening prayer.  These are followed by several Bible readings, hymns, Minister's sermon, choir anthem, prayers, communion, and closing hymn and prayer.

  • Do you have a question that is not answered?  Please contact us at 250-656-3223 or