The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice of embodied prayer done with a circular pathway. Our labyrinth is painted on the back end of our parking lot near the parish hall. You are invited to enter it and make a spiritual journey to the center of the circle and then outwards towards the place you began. The path is designed to take you deeper into a spiritual experience with God.  Physically moving through the turns in the path is a way of letting go of something while also reaching towards a new direction, a new awareness, or a new perspective on life and God’s presence.  We are happy to share this sacred space with you and pray God meets you there when you come and walk it prayerfully. 


Stand at the entrance to the labyrinth for a moment to feel the ground beneath your feet and the air in your lungs. Make an intention for prayer. 

Move through the pathway at the pace your heart wishes to take you. Be aware of your breath and your footfall. 

Become present to yourself and to the divine voice with each step. 

Take pauses as you need to; be silent or outspoken, sing, confess, petition, offer gratitude, and seek illumination.  

Listen and receive what comes to you as graces and mercies. 

Others are welcome to enter the labyrinth while you are walking it. When your paths cross give way to the other and resume your walk. 

Linger quietly at the center until you are ready to make the return journey. 

Exit the labyrinth with a moment of gratitude for what you experienced.