Cemetery Fees

Fees Due at Assignment of Interment Plots

(Note: Burial Plots are not Available)

Purchase of Right to Inter (Payable to Holy Trinity Cemetery)

  • Over existing burial plot - $250

  • New cremation plot - $800

Maintenance Fee (Payable to Holy Trinity Cemetery)

  • On-going maintenance of cemetery grounds - $200

Fees Due at Interment

(Note: P = Parishioner ; NP = Non-Parishioner)

Officiant (Payable to the Priest conducting the service)

  • Funeral Service and Interment - P $200 - NP $400

  • Funeral Service only - P $175 - NP $350

  • Interment - P $125 - NP $250

Organist (Payable to the Organist conducting the service)

  • Funeral with music - P or NP $175

Sexton (Payable to the Sexton conducting the service)

  • Correspondence with family, plot research and registration, preparing and closing the plot - P $75 - NP $150

Cremation Plot (Payable to Holy Trinity Cemetery)

  • Open/Close Fee - P $150 - NP $300

Note: The one-time grounds maintenance fee of $200 (P or NP) will also be required at time of any interment if not previously paid when purchase of Right to Inter took place. The assignment of a cremation plot is not a purchase but an assignment to a person as a Right to Inter in the Holy Trinity Cemetery. Please do not hesitate to contact the Sexton with any questions or for situations that simply don’t fit. sexton@holytrinityns.ca - revised January 2024

For inquiries about the location of loved ones in the cemetery contact  Dan LeBlanc 

at sexton@holytrinityns.org 

Click the link for more information about Cemetery Regulations, the Interment Process and Fees