The Cemetery of Holy Trinity in North Saanich

Welcome to the cherished grounds of The Cemetery of Holy Trinity in North Saanich. Within this sacred enclave, nature's embrace intertwines with the legacy of generations past. Here, tranquillity and reflection converge, creating a haven of solace and remembrance. Rooted in a storied history, this serene sanctuary beckons you to honour lives well-lived, finding solace in the enduring beauty of our surroundings. Whether seeking a place for meditative contemplation, a link to ancestral roots, or a haven to hold dear the memories of beloved souls,



The Cemetery of Holy Trinity extends its gates to provide a space imbued with solace, reverence, and a profound connection to the spirits that have left their mark. Conducted annually as part of North Saanich Flavour Trail in August. The cemetery players (in period costumes) tell the story of the church founders and builders of our North Saanich community. In the church, guides talk about church history and artifacts. Scones and tea are also offered in the church hall as part of the church's community outreach. Actors/guides always welcome!