Prayer is the foundation of all that we are and do and our Holy Trinity prayer chain is an anchoring, vibrant, caring link for prayer requests.

The purpose of praying for others is to offer ourselves as channels of God’s Grace.  We form a link in the chain through which God’s love flows.  Our prayer chain is a group of people who are committed to pray regularly (preferably daily), confidentially and individually for the requests they receive.

Requests come from the Rector, church office, and individuals to the Prayer Chain coordinator.  He/she in turn, via email, passes requests to chain members, after prayerfully discerning what information should be included.

Chain members determine how they will keep a record of requests, pray as soon as possible and daily until the Spirit moves them to stop, or until told otherwise.  Some requests may be long term.

Members do not engage with others of the parish regarding prayer requests, nor are the requests included in the Prayers of the People  Individuals who wish the entire congregation to pray for a concern or person, should make their request known to the Rector, church office, or write their request on paper at rear of church.  

A meeting of the members is held annually or as needed.  If you would like to join the chain, or make a request, please contact the church office at 250-656-3223 or