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The Holy Trinity library was started at the instigation of the rector Bob Baillie in 1998. A committee was formed with members Dianne Chown, Mary Cully, Thea Dickson, Joan Dobell and Rosemary Penn.  Donations amounted to 173 books from Fred Carruthers, Thea Dickson, Rosemary Penn and Bob Baillie. The problem of storage and access to the books was solved by the rector – he built two shelf units 4’ by 4’ and hinged them together.  Mounted on wheels and hinged at one end, the units could then be pushed toward each other to make a closed cupboard.  This was kept padlocked for the most part, unless a librarian was in attendance. The books were catalogued by Rosemary Penn and Joan Dobell who was a retired librarian.  Jackie Husband created a disc tabulating all the books.  This was transferred to a computerized spreadsheet with printouts of the books listed by number (Dewey decimal), author, title and made available to the reading public by Molly Falk. At present, the lists are updated approximately once a year as new books are added to the library.  


When the floor was replaced in the hall the library was dismantled and really never came together again.  A lot of the books were old and they had got all jumbled over the years.  In January 2021, Joanne Lambert and her daughter, Allison, organized and sorted the books.  They have made it into a very welcoming space.  When we are able to gather again in the church and the hall we hope you will take a moment to browse through the library.  There is no formal system for borrowing books.  Please help yourself and return books in the box under the desk.  We will return them to their places.