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About the lecture

Forests and fresh water are essential to life on our planet. Not surprisingly, they also feature prominently in the ritual, ceremony and the sense of the sublime across religious and spiritual traditions. Yet it is becoming apparent that our forests and bodies of water are increasingly at risk. Around the globe, forest and water management has taken center stage in movements of resistance that emphasize ecological protection and Indigenous rights. Do religion and spirituality have a role to play in our understanding of or response to the crisis? Where do we go from here? Join us as our expert panel considers some of the pressing questions of our time.

Tzeporah Berman is an environmental activist, campaigner and writer, and international program director at 

Deondre Smiles is assistant professor of geography at UVic and a specialist in Indigenous geographies and ways of knowing. 

Christiana Zenner is associate professor of theology, science and ethics at Fordham University and author of Just Water: Theology, Ethics, and Global Water Crises.